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 ButtStop Cigarette Disposal
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Buttstop Cigarette Disposal
The ORIGINAL Disposer Cigarette Disposal Units • Includes inner galvanized sleeve for easy emptying!

Choose your cigarette disposal unit wisely.  The Buttstop outdoor ashtray is the nation's leading product to keep office plazas clean and neat and sanitary.Don't just buy an outdoor ashtray.
Get a smart, weather-proof Disposer Cigarette Disposal Unit & resolve unsightly issues by your building, once and for all.

Buttstop cigarette disposal outdoor unit shown in grey.

PLEASE NOTE: Blueberry Brands, LLC is happy to quote on Disposer Outdoor Ashtrays / Cigarette Disposal Units to property managers and chain facility managers who must purchase in larger quantity for their many locations. Please call today to inquire.

All of us
-- smokers & non-smokers alike, can see the problem "No Smoking" indoors has created outdoors.

Just take a look out your front entrance. Whether the problem is at your office, plant, hotel, medical facility, shopping center, or recreation area. In the big city, suburbs, or hometown America & Canada, all of us have the same problem--- Where do visitors and employees put their cigarette butts?

Ugly old fashioned way of dealing with smoker's cigarette butts in front of office and medical facilities.Up till now, it's been in 5-gallon pails, old coffee cans, flower pots, on the streets and walks, or a hundred other temporary solutions. And what an unsightly and stinky mess to try and clean up. Butts standing in cat litter or sand, Soggy butts...frozen and snow-covered butts. UGH!

Now Blueberry Brands, LLC.resents The Disposer
™, a proven and attractive solution that extinguishes and eliminates unsightly butts, empties in seconds...where the problem begins.

Thousands of Disposer units from Blueberry Brands, LLC are currently in service throughout North America.

Please note the inner galvanized sleeve- which makes for easy and sanitary emptying of the unit.

Consider The Disposer wherever you have numbers of smokers congregating outside your commercial facility, or entering your building, stadium or restaurant.

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The unit comes
completely assembled!

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Buttstop cigarette disposal outdoor ashtray.

The Disposer Original
Cigarette Disposal System - 38.5" High

Weather-Tight Compartment.

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 38-1/2" HIGH


Outdoor Cigarette Disposal System

The Disposer Cigarette Disposal System

NOW available in six great colors!
Black, Gray, Brown, Beige, Green & Taupe.

Please note: Your new Disposer unit will be sent in BLACK unless you indicate otherwise in the 'Questions & Comments' box in the shopping cart:

Simply write in "Gray color" or "Two Gray, Two Green" etc., if you wish another color or an assortment of colors.

Or, call 888-777-4522 or 215-278-4030 to place your order. It's fast & easy!

GRAY is the same price as the default price shown to the right for BLACK. All other colors are a $15 surcharge per piece above the default price shown.

12"W x 12"D x 38.5"H
Inner galvanized sleeve • Removable top
No hinged door to get damaged • Simple and clean.

Additional inner liners are available. Please call 888-777-4522 in the USA & Canada to order.

Do you require a custom color? We speak "CAN-DO!" Minimum for custom color: 18 units.

A $12.50 UPS charge is added to all residential shipments.

Thank you.

 Your standard color is BLACK.

 You can also choose


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- $101.95

2 EA BS-500
- $100.95

3 EA BS-500
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4 EA BS-500
- $99.95

5 EA BS-500
- $97.95

6 EA BS-500
- $96.95

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Keep your office plaza looking clean, fresh & new!

Stop unsightly cigarette litter! Attractive, weather resistant heavy-duty molded plastic Disposer, with a galvanized inner sleeve, extinguishes butts in minutes and keeps them out of sight. Disposal holes only accept cigarette butts, not garbage. Keeps weather out; no wet or frozen clean ups.

Office plazas everywhere will stay cleaner and more sanitary with Buttstop Outdoor Cigarette Disposal Units at work.


Inner receptacle holds over 1,000 butts and swings down quickly. No liners needed. Free standing and sturdy; weather-proof and sun-proof.

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